Well Points and Accessories

Griffin Wellpoints

Griffin Wellpoints are available in 1 1/2″ or 2″ with stainless steel screen or PVC screen. They are available in non jetting and self jetting tips.

Butterfly Swingjoints

Butterfly Swingjoints are constructed of flexible yet reinforced hose with a clear elbow to allow you to see the flow through the system. The butterfly valve allows the system to be tuned without tools to monitor and maintain the vacuum level on the system to maximize performance.

Header Pipe System

Griffin can supply a complete Header Pipe System in 4”, 6” or 8” diameter PVC as a standard. Saddles already installed. Header couplings and screw bands to join other headers are included as well as plugs to cap the saddles.

Header Grommets

Header Grommets allow in-field installation and operation in your choice of piping.

Wellpoint Pipe Puller

The Wellpoint Pipe Puller is a “safety breakthrough” as well as an ideal time saving part in the dewatering set up over the conventional methods. the Wellpoint Pipe Puller grabs the inside of the pipe wall below the threaded section of the pipe or the joint of PVC pipe, making the removal of the installed wellpoint a quick, simple, and safe job. A quick upward thrust releases the puller for the next wellpoint.