Savage Hammond Transload Expansion

Project Name: Savage Hammond Transload Expansion

Project Location: Hammond, IN

Owner: Savage Services

GC: Meyer Contracting

Engineer: Savage Services

Project Revenue: $225,000.00


The Transload facility remained in operation during installation of the jetted deep well dewatering system, required to install a water line, sewer line and retention basin during plant upgrades.


The expansion project required installation of a 4,400lf water line, 2,500lf storm sewer, and a new retention basin. The project site is near Lake Michigan and has high groundwater levels year-round. Keeping the facility in operation during dewatering and construction, required expert logistical planning and communications with all parties to complete the project effectively.


The sewer and retention basin excavations were 100 ft. apart, the storm sewer was to be installed 7 ft. below ground surface and the waterline required 5 ft. of cover. Griffin installed a jetted deep well system that included 45 deep wells and 4,000lf of discharge piping. The deep wells were drilled every 100 ft. on center to a depth of 30 ft. and furnished with an electric submersible pump. The system was designed for the two lines to be dewatered simultaneously to save time. Additionally, road ramps were installed to allow vehicular traffic to go through the site while the dewatering system was in operation.

The Griffin Difference:

The project was successfully completed on-time while the facility continued regular operations. The high water table, tight working conditions and logistical challenges were overcome by Griffin’s expert engineering and operations teams. The design of the system allowed the lines to be dewatered concurrently, which saved the contractor a significant amount in operational costs.

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