Non-Clog Pumps

Griffin’s Variable-Use, Vacuum-Assisted, Non-Clog Pumps are available in 4″ to 18″ models. These pumps are fully automatic, dry-priming and dry-running, non-clog portable pumps. They operate efficiently under continuous or intermittent flow conditions.

These pumps are capable of handling flow up to 17,000 gpm and head conditions up to 240 ft. The pumps are available with the Wind Tunnel® high volume air handling system, vacuum assisted, compressor primed or diaphragm vacuum pumps. The pumps air handling capacity ranges from 50 to over 200 cfm. The pumps automatically prime and reprime at suction lifts of 25 ft. and greater. The non-clog impellers can handle spherical solids up to 3″ and larger.

These pumps are available in diesel or electric models most are equiped with an integral fuel tank and can be trailer mounted. Other options are available with these units. Contact Griffin for more information and options available.

Size Model Solid Handling (in.) Max Capacity (GPM) Max Head (ft.)
4″ 4NCRD 3 760 45
6″ 6NCRD* 3 1150 60
6″ 6NHRD* 3 2100 68
8″ 8NHRD* 3 2400 96
12″ 12NCRD 4.25 5900 142
18″ 18NCRD 4.5 17000 125

Other sizes and models may be available.
*Models available in the standard Griffin Silent Pac configuration

*Models available in the standard Griffin Silent Pac configuration


  • Patented conical seal or mechanical seal configurations
  • Over-sized air separation chamber with stainless steel float strips high volumes of light gases and air for fast priming
  • Non-clog impeller handles stringy materials and solids up to 3” and larger
  • Rotary vane vacuum pumps, compressors or diaphragm pump priming systems
  • Integral fuel tank designed for 24 hour operation on most models
  • Large clean outs on suction and discharge
  • Trailer mounted versions available on most models
  • Use on a variety of applications- sewage bypass, wellpoint and sumping