Lyric Center Garage Addition

Project Location:  Houston, Texas

Owner: LCE Law Office Building, Inc.

GC: Gilbane Building Company

Engineer: Walter P. Moore

Project Revenue: $100,000.00

Project Start and End Date: Feb. 2017 to May 2017


This project required a dewatering system to keep groundwater 34 ft. below grade to facilitate the safe construction of a two-basement level underground parking garage.  With no room outside of the proposed excavation to install the dewatering system, Griffin engineered a solution that would not interfere with construction progress be the least intrusive to avoid interfering with the construction progress.


Based on the available information, Griffin designed a wellpoint dewatering system that was installed inside the shored excavation. Griffin installed 70 wellpoints to a depth of 22 ft. spaced 7 ft. apart, with 1 operating and 1 standby wellpoint pump. Because the work area had very little available space, Griffin’s approach concentrated on only the deepest point of the excavation in the center of the site, allowing other work onsite to continue to minimize schedule impact


Griffin’s experienced crew installed the dewatering system and accomplished the required drawdown in less than a week, allowing the contractor to continue the proposed excavation. The Griffin team monitored the dewatering system throughout the project, to support optimal operation and maintenance of the system.

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