Lost Hill Utility District 46 Widening

Project Location: Lost Hill, California

Engineer: CannonCorp

Owner: CannonCorp

GC: Todd Companies

Project Dates: May 2018 – June 2018

The Challenge:

During a crucial road construction project for the City of Lost Hill, California, Griffin was hired to dewater an excavation, requiring over 27 ft of water drawdown. To complete this project successfully, Griffin had to continuously pump a large amount of water in the sandy formation to allow for a dry subgrade.


The Solution:

To obtain the required drawdown, 4 dewatering deep wells were installed to 60 feet. Each well was equipped with a 5-horsepower submersible pump. The entire system pumped approximately 800 gallons per minute (GPM) which resulted in lowering the groundwater elevation by approximately 27 ft. throughout the entire operation, allowing for safe excavation and dry subgrade.

The Griffin Difference:

By designing and installing the right dewatering system, we were able to provide consistent dewatering results and keep the project from running behind schedule due to fluctuating water levels. Griffin’s extensive experience and knowledge in both construction of deep well systems and hydrogeological assessment allowed Griffin to stand out in in the eyes of the client and the groundwater control industry.

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