Groundwater Control at Belews Creek Dam Upgrades Construction

Title: Groundwater Control at Belews Creek Dam Upgrades Construction

Location: Belews Creek, NC

Owner: Duke Power Energy

Engineer: AECOM

GC: Phillips & Jordan, Inc.

Project Revenue: $1,047,000.00

Project Timeline: July 2015 – January 2016


Griffin achieved water drawdown of over 20 ft. using eductor and wellpoint dewatering at Belews Creek Steam Station Filter Overlay Project.


The project consisted of construction of a seepage collection filter system as part of slope stability of the existing dam. The existing earthen dam is approximately 1900 x 130 ft. with a 20 ft. crest width. The seepage collection filter system was to be installed by open-cut excavation.


To obtain the required drawdown, Griffin installed 90 deep eductor wells to 65 ft. deep and 70 wellpoints to 20 ft. deep. The total system flow rate from eductor and wellpoint system was 200 gallons per minute (GPM). Griffin designed a dewatering system that lowered groundwater more than 20 ft. in very low permeability soils for an open-cut excavation approximately 900 x 100 ft.

The Griffin Difference:

Griffin’s experience and knowledge in earthen dam rehabilitation and installation of eductor and wellpoint systems led to a successful result for the client. The contractor was able to maintain their schedule because the dewatering system kept groundwater under control. The dewatering system started on 07-08-2015 and continued in operation until 01-08-2016.

The project was successfully completed on schedule.

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