Dewatering + Water Treatment Solution for Installation of a Commercial High Rise in California

Owner:  Ledcor Properties

GC:  Buildgroup

Engineer: CVC INC

Project Time Period:  2019


Deep well dewatering & water treatment systems successfully provide drawdown of 35 ft. enabling the full depth of the 62 ft. deep excavation.


The Challenge

When complete, the tower will stand as the tallest tower in the city of Long Beach. Griffin designed a deep well dewatering system that produced drawdown of 35 ft. which was required to enable the full depth of the 62 ft. deep excavation. Groundwater treatment was required for total suspended solids (TSS), volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and copper


The Solution

Dewatering was made possible by advancing 16 deep wells down to 90 ft. below ground surface and pumping an average overall flow of 650 gallons per minute.

The Griffin team also engineered a multi-stage water treatment solution that included settling tanks, bag filters and vessels with different types of media to ensure the effluent water would meet the parameters of the permit.

The Griffin Difference

The Griffin team provided support to the customer prior to and during the design stage to ensure proper water testing was completed to identify the contaminants of concern. Collaboration with the contractor was essential in designing a layout that would not only fit in the small space provided but would also allow enough clearance for proper maintenance and monitoring. Regular monitoring and preventative maintenance were conducted on both systems during the project to ensure optimal system performance.

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