Bee Branch Creek Restoration Project

Project Location: Dubuque, Iowa

Owner: Upper Bee Branch Creek-Channel, Streets, and Utilities

GC: Tschiggfrie Excavating

Project Revenue: 200,000,000

Project Start and End Date: July 2015


The City of Dubuque’s Bee Branch Creek Restoration Project was awarded a 2018 Eddy

Award. The annual Eddy Awards are presented to those who have made the Mississippi

River a cleaner, safer, more vibrant, and integral part of the community.



The Bee Branch Creek flood mitigation project involved converting 4,500 feet (ft.) of buried storm sewer back into an expanded open channel waterway. This project is next to the Mississippi river, and required a large volume of groundwater to be pumped.



A temporary dewatering and depressurization system was required for the excavation to proceed in a safe and efficient manner. Griffin installed 30 wells to dewater the 36-inch sanitary sewer line that runs west/east through the middle of the project area. For the deeper areas where box culverts, storm water basins and footings for bridges were installed, additional more closely, spaced wells were required. The pumps and discharge were installed as the contractor moved through the excavation phases.



The construction sequence on this project was dependent on the efficient and proper installation of the wells by the Griffin team. To confirm our design and aquifer assumptions, we performed a pumping test at the beginning of the project. Having the right equipment and knowledge of the hydrogeology in the area was an advantage on this project.

Griffin was able to work safely and effectively in the older districts of the city to ensure that settlement or subsidence would not compromise the integrity of the historical buildings that are cherished by the City. Given Griffin’s knowledge and additional site investigations, the wells were constructed properly and successfully dewatered the project site.

The City of Dubuque’s Bee Branch Creek Restoration Project was awarded a 2018 Eddy