Coal Ash Dewatering

Compliance demands it. So does your budget.

Safe and effective management of coal-combustible residuals is imperative—not only for EPA compliance, but to maintain the integrity of your excavations and to stay on schedule and within budget.

Since 1934, Griffin has designed coal ash dewatering solutions customized to unique project variables.

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Griffin’s three-part solution

Stabilization for dry excavation of fly ash requires the extraction of water, of which there are three distinct sources—free water, from precipitation or sluicing; groundwater, which intrudes from the bottom, and interstitial water, found in the pore spaces of the ash.

Comprehensive capabilities for CCR management

  • Groundwater Modeling
  • Engineering and Design
  • Dewatering Systems
  • Pumps and Equipment
  • Filtration and Treatment
  • Maintenance and Operation
  1. Using Siltermops to minimize suspended solids, pumps remove free water

  2. Deep wells, wellpoints or eductors remove groundwater below the ash pond.

  3. Shallow wickpoints on a grid drain the ash inside the pond.

Ash Recovery Project – Tennessee Valley Authority
Griffin was contracted to lower water in ash more than 10’, creating a stable working platform and allowing a barrier wall to be constructed.