Bypass Pumping System

As our sewer infrastructure continues to age, rehabilitation is needed to keep it up and running. With Griffin's line of trash handling pumps, contractors can bypass sewage during sewer line repairs - getting tough projects done and keeping the system working for the community that relies on it.

Bypass Pumping is a critical element of many rehab projects. Temporary bypass systems are used to transfer water supplies and sewage flow, so that these vital services are uninterrupted during construction.

Griffin Dewatering and Griffin Pump and Equipment offers an ever increasing line of pumps to fit nearly any bypass application. Whether it be above ground non-clog diesel driven pumps, above ground self priming diesel or gasoline driven pumps, hydraulic driven submersible pumps, or electric driven submersible trash pumps, Griffin can provide a pump to fit your need. Simply put, if we do not have a pump in our standard line, we’ll build a pump to fit the need.

Griffin’s exclusive installations and experience guarantee a quality pump and system for applications from a few gallons to several thousand of gallons per minute per pump. Pumps from as small as 2” up to 24” are readily available for turn-key contract, rental or purchase.

Material handling (trash) pumps are available with several options and configurations, so contact Griffin today for more information.

  • Griffin's experience includes simple and complicated sewer bypass projects.
  • Griffin maintains a fleet of equipment to handle the small, as well as the large, sewer bypass projects nationwide.
  • Griffin has successfully installed and operated bypasses that have exceeded 100 MGD.
  • With Griffin's nationwide locations and resources we can handle your large or small sewer bypass pumping needs.
  • Griffin pumps and accessories can handle all your bypass and pumping needs on your next sewer rehab project.
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