Construction Dewatering

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Griffin has provided service and equipment to the construction dewatering and groundwater pumping market since 1934. For over 80 years Griffin has gained the respect of our customers by applying all the right solutions to their groundwater problems on projects both large and small. The key to Griffin’s success has been the combination of engineering staff, field personnel and experience. The wide variety of dewatering and pumping problems encountered by its customers has provided Griffin an opportunity to develop the necessary equipment and experience to solve most water handling problems.

Griffin Dewatering offers products and services to meet a wide range of groundwater pumping applications.  In addition to dewatering, Griffin provides bypass, open pumping and hydraulic submersible pumping. Griffin offers a “one-stop ground water control shop” with experienced personnel and a wide range of equipment and services. We have offices throughout the country to help meet your needs.

Griffin Construction Dewatering provides:

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