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Ground Water and Effluent Handling Systems Ground Water and Effluent Handling Systems
Griffin Dewatering Corporation is one of the oldest and most respected specialists in the groundwater control industry - with over a 70 years of experience behind it.
Wellpoint System Wellpoint System
The wellpoint system is one of the most versatile of pre-drainage methods which can pump a few gallons per minute in fine silty soils or many thousands of gpm in coarse sands and gravels.
Eductor System Eductor System
The eductor system is generally used in areas where the soils have a low permeability. It is especially well suited for deep excavations with stratified soils.
Deep Well Pump Systems Deep Well Pump Systems
The deep well system is a versatile predrainage dewatering system which can pump many thousands of gallons per minute.
Deep Well Pump Systems Sewer Bypass Pumping
Bypass pumping is a critical element of many rehab projects. Temporary bypass sytems are used to transfer water supplies and sewage flow, so that these vital services are uninterrupted during construction.
Services Services
Griffin offers deep technical knowledge, proven expertise, and insight to help organizations manage ground water control. To learn more about our offerings, you can explore the link to the left or browse by category.
Key Personnel Key Personnel
Each one of our professional staff combines experience and leadership from positions in major dewatering projects. This broad base of professional expertise
provides a diversity of skills and personal knowledge to formulate solutions to your ground water control issues.
Get A Quote Get A Quote
Business inquiries are usually answered within three to five business days.
Locations Locations
No matter where you’re located, there is a Griffin location to serve you. Griffin provides service nationwide through our eight regional locations.
Griffin Product Literature Literature
From here you can access Griffin literature files in PDF Format. These files include brochures, profile sheets, and specification sheets on Griffin’s line of innovative dewatering pumps and equipment. GriffinCareers
Griffin Dewatering Corporation is seeking high-energy, self-motivated individuals to represent Griffin’s office in numerous major markets within the Texas, Southern California, South Florida, New Jersey, Nebraska, Connecticut, Indiana, and Virginia areas.
Griffin Dewatering Corporation is an equal opportunity employer.
Pump and Equipment Sales & Rentals
Vacuum-Assisted Wellpoint Pumps Vacuum-Assisted Wellpoint Pumps
Designed for high air-handling capacity of 50-219 cfm and maximum performance at a variety of flows and head conditions in sizes from 4” to 10”. Flows 500-3500 gpm. Vacuums to 30” Hg.
Variable-Use, Vacuum-Assisted, Non-Clog Pumps Non-Clog Pumps
Suited to meet all of your bypass, sumping anddewatering needs in sizes ranging from 4” to 18”. Handles air volumes from 50 to 150 cfm and solids up to 4.5”. Flows 500-17000 gpm. Designed with two or three port non-clog impellers.
High Pressure Jet Pumps High Pressure Jet Pumps
Standard 4” and 6” jet pumps provide you with the source to jet your wellpoint system or other high pressure applications. Pressure 80-350 psi
Silent Pac Pumps Silent Pac Pumps
Available in a wide variety of models for multiple types of applications such as bypass, wellpoints
and sumping. Units are designed to provide a quiet operation where pumping is required and noise must be kept to a minimum.
Hydraulic Driven Submersible Pumps and Power Units Hydraulic Driven Submersible Pumps and Power Units
Available from 4” to 24” in a variety of configurations for material handling, trash handling and axial flow applications. Flows 300-20000 gpm.
Generators Griffin Generators
Power Where You Need It

Griffin now offers a line of power generators. The diesel powered generators provide electricity, for emergency power, electric submersible pumps or other electrical applications. We have a wide variety of units available for all your power needs.
Electric Submersible Pumps Electric Submersible Pumps
Griffin offers a wide variety of electric submersible pumps that can be used for construction and utility jobs as well as multiple municipality applications.
Wellpoints and Accessories Wellpoints & Accessories
Designed for excellent flow capability as well as screening capacity. Available in a variety of sizes in either PVC or stainless steel. Also available in self-jetting or non-jetting styles.
Griffin Trash Pumps Trash Pumps
Griffin's Self Priming Trash Pumps are available in 4" and 6" models standard that do not require additional priming systems and are capable of handling high flows and head conditions exceeding 125 ft. The impellers can handle solids up to 3" and larger.
Storage Tanks Storage Tanks
Griffin provides and installs polypropylene or polyethylene storage tanks. Tank sizes can vary from a few hundred gallons up to 50,000 gallons. Several options and accessories can be added to our tanks such as built-in secondary containment, heating components, insulation systems OSHA compliant ladders, mixer mounts and catwalks.
Griffin Press and Awards Griffin Press and Awards
Griffin is widely known and highly respected by numerous construction equipment trade publications and organizations around the world, for Griffin's innovative work with Dewatering techniques and equipment.
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